Our Story

Chasing Railways specializes in board game upgrades and organization.

About Chasing Railways

Chasing Railways specializes in upgrading your boardgames for a phenomenal gaming experience and subperb player organization. We take pride in our laser cut wooden player boards, hand crafted gaming accessories, and our 3d printed resources for your favorite games.

My shop can be found by clicking our Etsy Link or by going to etsy.com/shop/chasingrailways.

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What we create:

Lasercut Wooden Player Boards

Woodworking for Gamers

3d Printed Game Upgrades

Game Organization

Our History

My history as a board game player extends far past my history as a woodworker. I remember playing monopoly, scrabble, chess, mancala, and various trading card games throughout my childhood with my sister and my dad. When I met my wife we got a few games at our local 2nd and Charles after selling a bunch of things to the store. We started with Ticket to Ride, Machi Koro, Smallworld, and Marvel Legendary. Our hobby, and love of boardgames grew quickly as we expanded into Gloomhaven, Mansions of Madness, Scythe, Terraforming Mars, and countless other favorites.

I’m a single creator workshop with a long history in crafting and woodworking. We started as a hobby in the mid 2010s creating hand-carved briar tobacco pipes and photographing various travels across Japan and Europe. His Etsy shop was born and within a year he removed his photographic prints, and tobacco pipes. The story for these changes is longer than we have, but we switched our lathing into pens and other small items such as barware, crochet hooks, and serveware. For a few years I woodworked and continued playing boardgames with his wife, friends, and family but didn’t think to combine the two.

In 2021, I acquired my first laser cutter and designed my first playerboard to help us organize our player resources for Mansions of Madness. It was an instant hit, and soon other games followed. We make boards for Ticket to Ride, Gloomhaven, Terraforming Mars, Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror, Aeon’s End, and other games.

Later in 2021, I acquired a professional-grade 3d printer and enjoy making upgrades to one of our favorite worker placement games: Everdell. We currently print organizers and upgrades for Nemesis, Everdell, Carcassone, Mansions of Madness, Arkham/Eldritch Horror and many other games.

I’m always looking for inspiration for our next creation. If you have a game you’d love to see upgraded–send me an email and I’d happily work on your project.

Today, we focus solely on the boardgame hobby with our creations.