Quick and Easy Review Series: Clank! & Clank! In Space! A Great Series of Games that makes a little less noise at 2 players.

Clank! by Renegade Game Studios/Dire Wolf Digital

Clank! and Clank! In Space!

Published by Renegade Game Studios & Dire Wolf Digital

Clank! and Clank! In Space! are two fantastic board games that combine elements of deck-building, adventure, and strategy into a thrilling game experience. They’re popular additions to most shelves and have been in the top BGG lists for quite some time. They even have other iterations such as a legacy game and the new Catacombs version.

In Clank!, players take on the role of adventurers venturing deep into a dungeon to find treasure and escape before the dragon awakens. The game’s mechanics are straightforward and easy to understand, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. However, the strategy involved in building a deck and managing resources adds depth and replayability.

Clank! In Space! takes the same basic concept and gives it a sci-fi twist. Players are now exploring a spaceship, searching for artifacts and trying to avoid the security system. The gameplay is similar to Clank!, but with some new mechanics that keep things fresh. One of the key differences is the modular board system ensuring a more varied gameplay each time you pull it off the shelf.

One of the things that makes both games so enjoyable is the push-your-luck aspect. Players are constantly tempted to push deeper into the dungeon or spaceship to gain more treasure, but doing so increases the risk of getting caught by the dragon or security system. This creates a sense of tension and excitement that keeps players engaged throughout the game.

The game components are also high-quality, with beautifully illustrated cards and a well-designed game board. The game box and components are well-organized and easy to set up, making it a breeze to get started playing.

These games shine at 3-4 players, and while they still offer an engaging experience at 2, they don’t bring quite the noise.

The reason for this is that Clank! (and its space sibling) is designed to be a highly interactive game, with players frequently stealing treasure, attacking one another, and interfering with their opponents’ plans. With only two players, the opportunities for this kind of interaction are somewhat limited, and the game can feel a bit more static as a result.

That being said, Clank! is still a very enjoyable game to play with two people, and it’s by no means a bad experience. The game’s mechanics and theme are both still present and engaging, and the strategic decision-making involved in navigating the dungeon and avoiding danger is just as satisfying as it is with more players. Many times, the interaction is minimal as both players journey to opposite sides of the map to grab their treasure and escape the quickest. This is slightly mitigated with Clank! In Space!, but not in a significant way.

Overall, I would still highly recommend Clank! to anyone looking for a fun and challenging board game experience that is also surprisingly easy to teach new gamers (and a great introduction to deck building) However, if you’re primarily a two-player gaming duo, it’s worth being aware that the game may not be quite as dynamic as it is with a larger group of players. For a better 2 player deck building experience I would recommend Aeon’s End (if you like cooperative experiences) or Dominion.

Thanks for reading!


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