About Chasing Railways — Pre 2021

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Chasing Railways specializes in handcrafted pens, kitchen and barware, and unique woodcraft gifts for friends, family, holidays, and special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.  We take time in selecting our style, honing our craft, and choosing each species of wood and type of acrylic we work with.


We source our wood from all over the globe.  We’ve worked with wood from every continent (except Antarctica) including Rosewoods from Central America and Asia, Fruitwoods from across the globe, Mallee Burl from Australia, Palmwoods, Blackwoods and Mahogany from Africa, 5000 year old Bog oak from Europe, Domestic hardwoods and burls including beautiful hardwoods from our home state of Pennsylvania, and many others. We even keep our eyes peeled for unique and historic woods including heritage woods from the Lehigh Valley Railroad, various historic trees, and prop woods including wood from Christ’s Church in Oxford (the set of the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies.  Keep visiting our site as we’ll frequently update any special finds.

While wood is our favorite material to use (especially burled wood), we’ve also dabbled in a variety of acrylic products including Polyresin, and Alumilite.  We’ve even casted a few of our own Polyresin color blanks to use in pens. Another favorite are hybrids which are a combination of burled wood and acrylic (sometimes they glow in the dark) We also keep our eyes peeled for other materials including Antler, Bone, Corn Cob, Pinecones, and even prehistoric amber and mammoth teeth.

We’ve been making pens and other gear since 2016, but we’ve had our hand in a variety of woodworking for years.

We are currently accepting commissions for custom orders.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our contact page or by emailing us at chasingrailways@gmail.com

Some recent commissioned orders:

Chasing Railways has been a name tossed around by its founder Tyler since 2011.  In that year it started off as a Mead and Wine Label.  It had been used for several different things including websites and photography until 2012.  In that year, Tyler’s father passed away and he inherited a work bench and slowly began tinkering (mostly in small apartment rooms) with various projects.  In 2015 he used the name Chasing Railways for a few Tobacco Pipes he created. Then in 2016 Tyler purchased his first Lathe (in addition to other tools) in a larger workshop space and focused on Writing Instruments and other gear.

Here are some images of our brands development:

We’re happy to showcase some of our favorite projects and to serve your needs.  Whether it be a gifts for a birthday, anniversary, groomsmen, bridesmaids, a graduation or a project like family or couple pens or even a retail order no project is too big or small for us to do.  Please explore our portfolio of items for inspiration for your order or click on our shop link to go to our Etsy page to see our pens that are ready to ship next business day.

We’re excited to work with you,


Chasing Railways

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