Historic and Unique Woods

We absolutely love finding really unique pieces to work with in our pens and gifts.

A few of the really cool and unique woods we’ve made pens with in our shop include wood from Christ’s Church (aka the Hogwarts Great Hall), Historic USA Railroad wood, Jack Daniels and other Whiskey/Bourbon Barrel wood, and pieces from various boardwalks.

We are continually searching for the next piece of history and love working with you on your own piece too.  We’ve made pens from property trees that had generations of age on them, we’ve done them from trees when the family was moving to a new house, we’ve also done them from broken family heirlooms looking for a new home.

If its wood, we can turn it and we’d love to work on your project.

Here are some examples of some of the cool woods we’ve worked with

Ocean City Maryland Reclaimed Boardwalk Wood:

Hand Stabilized Reclaimed Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk Wood Christmas Ornament.

Jack Daniels Barrel Oak Reclaimed Wood:

A recent Custom Order. Top Pen: Gold Olympic Elite 2 Rollerball with Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Oak Pen inlayed with Osage and Padauk Wood. Bottom Pen. Gold Big Ben Style Cigar Pen with Black Walnut inlayed with Spalted Maple and Deer Antler.
Various Jack Daniels Oak Products.