Polyresin and Alumilite Acrylics

We use countless colors and design combinations of Polyresin and Alumilite Acrylics at Chasing Railways.  We’ll feature some of our colors and finished pens on this page.

If you’ve got a color combination in mind that you’d like to see examples of email us at Chasingrailways@gmail.com

If you’re looking for inspiration check out the amazing assortment of blanks at BearTooth Woods our preferred supplier for acrylics. This link will take you to their Rhinoplastics section which is an interesting metallicy type of acrylic that has some of the best shine. This link will take you to their own blank page, but feel free to peruse their site and other brands of acrylics as well.

Here are some of our handcast Polyresin Pens.

Hand Cast Polyresin Comfort Ballpoint and Hand Stabilized Corn Cob Comfort Ballpoint
RAW Brass Rollerball Pen with Hand Cast Polyresin

Here are some examples of other acrylic pens in no particular order.

Chrome Comfort Style Ballpoint with Ghost Lines Acrylic
Chrome and Gunmetal Gatsby Grande Style Ballpoint with Abalone Colored Acrylic
Green Glass Acrylic in a Gunmetal Trimline Ballpoint Pen
Ocean Surf Acrlyic in Chrome Comfort Style Ballpoint


Blue Fire Acrylic in Gunmetal Comfort Style Ballpoint Pen
Various Halloween Themed Alumilite Acrylic Comfort Style Ballpoint Pens



Molten Earth Rhinoplastic with vivid copper, ivory, and slate in a Gunmetal Patrizio Ballpoint