Color Pride Series

One of our favorite pens to make puts you in the driver’s seat in the entire design process.

What we do is choose your favorite wood or acrylic and inlay a sleek, modern, minimalism design of colored fibers.

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Examples of our Color Pride Series: Birdseye Maple with Red White and Blue Inlay Italian Olivewood with the Italian Flag

We can do these designs for:

  • Country Colors
    • These make great gifts for travellers.  Did the travellers in your life (including yourself) take a memorable trip? Do they have a favorite country? Did something wonderful happen on their trip they’d like to commemorate?
    • Do you have pride in your heritage or nationality and want to celebrate it this could be a great pen for you then too!
  • School Colors
    • Great gifts for graduating friends in family from Highschool to their Doctorate!
  • Fraternity and Sorority Colors
  • Sports Team Colors
    • We can find colors to match your favorite school, university, or professional team
  • Special Group, Business, or Organization Colors.
  • Any Color Combination you can think of!